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Grey Owl Camps
Welcome to Grey Owl Camps, located on the shores of beautiful Biscotasi Lake in Northern Ontario. Our operation is delightfully different. Drive-in, then boat-out, to one of seven , separate outpost cabins, each in its own private location situated miles apart from one another.  With Grey Owl Camps you enjoy complete privacy in the center of Northern Ontario's renowned bush country. Rough it in comfort with fully equipped kitchens (propane appliances and lights), showers or saunas, and spacious living rooms so you can relax after a busy day of fishing, bird watching, or hiking. All pots and pans, dinner ware and cutlery are supplied. Biscotasi Lake is a prime Walleye lake where Northern Pike, Perch and Whitefish also abound. We encourage "catch and consume" fishing. Enjoy the fishing and eat your share while you are up here, but abstain from taking fish home. They won't taste as good after the trip, and you will do your conservation part towards keeping the fishing as good as you found it.

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